One World Trading Sdn Bhd
Trading Company
160 Jalan Ampang,50450kuala Lumpur, Malysia, ; Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
60 3 41071053
Office paper, Grain
Madhur 9, Prahlad Plot, Palace Road,, ; Rajkot, Gujarat, India
91 281 2222189
Supply textiles, Sundray items, Cement, Sugar, Rice, Stationary items, Photocopy papers
B-25 Kanchan Janga Building Connaught Circus, ; New Delhi, Delhi, India
91 124 2577087
Food grains, Women under garments, A-4 copier paper, Stationary, Leather jackets
Jireh International
Trading Company
16525 S Greenwood Avenue, ; South Holland, Illinois, United States
1 708 225-1634
Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care items
Plot No 420, Dc-5, Sourabnagar, Adipur, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Cement, Clinker, Rice, Sugar, Iron Ore, Bauxite, A4 Copy Paper, Ppmats

Greenpoint post office to be renamed in honor of Assembly icon Joe Lentol

Tue, 26 Oct 2021 06:15:00

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Individual (Sole proprietorship)
4510 Concord Pointe, Charlotte, United States
ICUMSA Sugar 45, A4 Paper, Tomato Paste, Yellow Corn, Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
4346 Wellington, Verdun, Quebec, Canada
A4 Paper, Sugar, Rice, Tires, Wheat
The Modern Comany (Export And Import)
Trading Company
203 Teba Street Cleopatra, Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
Short Grain Rice, Mango, Grapes, Beans, Nuts
Haci Ilyas Mah Tan Sok No 14, Bursa, Turkey
Foodstuff, Automatic Spare Parts, Fabrics
D' uni culeur
Str. Dursan 61, St. Christina, Bolzano, Italy
Shree Balaji Trading Company
6/8, Vithoba Lane, Vithal Wadi,5th Floor, Kalbadevi Road, ; Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
91 22 22404527
Hessian Enterprises Ltd
Trading Company
P.O.Box 14420, ; Nairobi, Kenya
2542 - 748353
Laser Diagnostics Co./ Antwi International Co. Ltd
Corporation/Limited Liability Company
750 Lefferts Ave, Suite F4, Brooklyn, New York, United States
New And Used Computers, Accessories, Office Supplies, Newsprint Paper, Office Paper
Trading Company
20180 Park Row Dr #6146, ; Houston, Texas, United States
1832 367 3092
Citrus Fruit & Notebook PCs
Saka Indonesia
Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Ganesa 15, Bandung, Propinsi Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Cassava, Tapioca Chips, Copra, Coal, Garment, Paper, Coconut Coal, Coconut, Active Carbon, Fish, Fruits, Cocofiber, Ginger, Gracillaria, Printing Establishment
Putra Minang Mandiri, PT
Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Perumahan Jirek No. 01 Malana Ponco, Batusangkar, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia
Cpo, Palm Kernel Shell
Ogbonna Ventures Ltd
7, Lagos Road, Ikorodu Lagos, ; Ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria
234 01 8029128552
We supply palm kernel
Savannah Impex
P. O. Box 3935-Madaraka, ; Thika, Central, Kenya
254 733 974464
Groundnuts, Paper, A4 photocopy
No. 7, Unit 6, No. 28, Huzhu Road
Garlic, Peanut
Pocos Copy ( Luis A. B. Abreu And Anna M. B. Abreu Ltda )
Rua Rio Grande Do Sul, Pocos De Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
PVC Cover, PP Cover;, Binding Machines, Laminating Supplies, Folders
Trading Company
10 Place Cote Vertu, St Laurent, Quebec, Canada
Textile, Cacao Bean, Marshmallows, Candies, Bubble Gum, Polyester Fabric
Cargo Network Co., Ltd.
Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Narathivasrachanakarin Rd. , , Bangkok, Yannawa, Thailand
Air Freight, Sea Freight, Carbon Paper, Beans, Ring, Silver, Pendant, Necklece, Thai Handicraft, Beads
PanCan Sales
Trading Company
Calle Victor Nelson Juliao, Edificio 785, No. D, ; Panama City, Panama, Panama
507 6506-6077
Office supplies and papers, Discontinued and overstocked items
East & West Consulting and Trading Corporation
Trading Company
28 Luben Karavelov, ; Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
359 2 9631245
Wood, Timber, Tobacco, Inorganic chemicals, Paper, Glass
Third Axis
20 / 4, 8th Main, Vinayaka Layout, Malleswaram, Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Gold, Iron Ore, Zircon Sand, Used Rails, Steam Coal, Petroleum Products, Mobile Phones, Cement, Urea
Cejet Exports
Trading Company
A. P. Towers,2nd Floor,1st Street Extn.,848, Dr. Radhakrishna Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore 641 012, Coimbatore 641 012, Tamil Nadu, India
Terry towels, Paper cups, Cut flowers, Coir piths
Vikas Agro Agency
28 Bhojpara,, ; Gondal, Gujarat, India
91 98240 75654
Oil extraction machinery, School chalk machine, Candle machine
Westline Trading
Trading Company
C-5-30 Desa Palma, Bbn Nilai, Nilai, N. Sembilan, Malaysia
Iron Ore, Steam Coal, Briquette Charcoal, Virgin Coconut Oil, Paper And Ink Cartridges
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Istoc, Istanbul, Mahmutbey, Turkey
Azelea, Begonia, Mangolia, Camellia, Profiles And Accesoriea
P. O. Box 2584, Addison, Texas, United States
Office Supplies Printing And Copy Paper), Agriculture Roses, Flowers), Beverages Energy Drinks)
Room101,2#Suzhoujie, Haidian, Beijing, ; Beijing, Beijing, China (Mainland)
86 10 62659541
Ink jet paper, Flower, Plant, Seeds, Seedling
Holimex Company Limited
Corporation/Limited Liability Company
My Tho, Tien Giang, Vietnam
Food, Beverage, Handicraft, Paper, Ceramic
Trading Company
Apt. 103, Bldg. 637, Valiasr Ave. , Tehran, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Water Tank, Seed, Agricultural Film, Coco Peat And Tree And Shrub
No. 1702 Room Of B2 Building, Huirong Square Hongkong Western Road, Qingdao, China, Qingdao, Shandong, China
86-532-83891665 86681526
Forklift, ATV, Kerosene Refrigerator, Generator, Sprayer, Wood Chipper, Gasification Stove, Copy Paper, Solar Mobiel Charger
Wisma Gkbi, Suite 3901, Jl, Sudirman, No. 28, ; Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
62 21 72789466
D'millenia International Pte Ltd
Trading Company
89 Jalan Sultan, Singapore
Sugar, Rice, Mineral water, Bread, Cookies, Cement, Coal, Urea, Used hsm, Rail, Equip, Recycled plastic, Quality copy paper
World Trading 4u
Trading Company
31 Jalan Kenanga SD 9/5f, ; Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
60 03 62725478
Palm oil, A4 paper, CDs, Flour, Tinned Foods
Dolphin Industrial Trade Ltd.
LLC (Ltd Liability Corp)
Kadir Hs Cadesi 9 / A, Istanbul, Turkey
Milk Powder, Dairy Products, Olive Oil, Paraffine, Copy Paper
Araya General Trading
Trading Company
125 Bole Road, Bole, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Home appliances, Office supplies, Cooking oil
Trading Company
R David De Sousa N8 B, Lisbon, Portugal
Paper, Olive Oil, Toys
Trading Company
Route Gremda KM 0. 5 Imm Nasria A5-3, Sfax, Tunisia
Olive Oil, Dates, Copper Cathodes, Medicals Equipements
Manufacturer, Trading Company, Buying Office, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler
444 W. Orange Grove Rd, Arizona, United States
International Trading, Olive Oil, Dates
Trading Company
105 Fourth Avenue, Romford, Essex, England, United Kingdom
44-0 1708-733334
Agriculture-Poultry And Machinery, Office Supplies
Maley4bx Cooporation
Trading Company
210 Cardina Street, Ney York City, New York, United States
1467 E. Dinuba, Reedley, California, United States
Stone fruit, Grapes
Qingdao Qianfengyuan Trading Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Changjiang Rd.No.467
Full cream milk powder, Skimmed milk powder, Soy milk powder, Copy paper, Whole milk powder, Powder milk
12/F, Chuangzhan Centre, Shennan Road, Futian, Shenzhen, China
Ink cartridges, Toner, Ribbons
Shenzhen Microtech Digital Supply
Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
No.2512, Qiaofu Building, Xinwen Rd., Futian
Toner cartridge, Bulk toner, CISScontinuous ink supply system), Inkjet photo paper, Laser photo paper, Inkjet canvas, Eco-solvent media, Eco-solvent ink, Signage paper, Wide format paper, Cartridge for wide format printer, Ink cartridge, Bulk ink, Banner, Backlit film, T-shirt transfer paper, Tattoo paper, Inkjet metallic film, Name card paper
Tayrol Ltd
Elvington Industrial Estate, ; York, United Kingdom
44 01904 608852
Cash register rolls, Industrial rolls
Room 301, Unit 4, Building C, 387 Wensan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China
Printing papers, Copy papers, Working equipment, Cash papers, Facsimile papers, Drawing papers, Typewriter ribbons, Highly smooth photographic papers, Color spraying papers, Office supplies, Double gummed papers, And writing papers
Block 3, Gongkeng Industrial Zone, Shangmugu Village, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. China
Anyuan Economic Development Zone, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. China
Ceramic honeycombs, Ceramic foams, Tower packings and internals, Ceramic balls, Molecular sieves, Ceramic carrier rollers
Jindong Economic Development District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. China
86-579-5244245, 5163954
Adhesive tapes, Stationery tapes, Double side adhesive tapes
Orbit Link Technology
Po Box 55839, Riyadh, Central, Senegal
Cfl Lamps, Electrical Accessories, Cables, Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Products, Brushes, Deodorizers
Huimin Economic and Development Zone, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. China
86-573-4647306, 4647302, 4647307
4f. , Sungjae Bldg. , 467-3, Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
Printing Media, Chemical, PVC Tarpaulin, PVC Coated Fabrics, Front-Lit, Back-Lit, Banner, Tarpaulin, Canvas, PVC Vinyls, PET Banner, PVC, HDPE, Dop
6# Changdao Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province. China
86-731-4462247, 4461408
Pvc self adhesive series, Stationery products, Gift wrapping, Paper series
Trading Company
Odegaardssvingen 3, ; Krokstadelva, Buskerud, Norway
Stationery and Office supplies, Golf products, Waste paper, Copy paper, Sanitation product, Wood working industry harware iron ore
Cv. Unointernasional
Trading Company
Jl. Johar 25, Komp. Taman Losari, Tanjung Bunga, ; Makassar, Propinsi Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
62 411 5729034
Coal, Beverages
Room 300, Xinwo Building, 1455 Suzhou South Road, Shanghai City. China
Paper cups, Baking molds, Cake molds, Bakery uniforms, Rubber non-stick pans, Mousse molds, Hotel facilities, Baking tools, Paper pads
Tianjin Grand Paper Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Hongguang Farm, Beichen District, Tianjin City. China
Medical paper, ECG paper, Fetal monitor paper, Printing paper, Industry paper, Ticket paper, ATM bill, POS paper, ECG electrode, Bank paper, CTG paper, Chart paper, Ultrasound Gel, ECG Cream
Zumabrox Enterprises CC
Trading Company
113 Market Street, ; Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
27 011 8921447
Supply of office and school stationery. Supply of offcie and school furniture and equipment.
Room 505, New Aust. International Business Center, 2 Huaihai Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. China
Inkjet matte coated paper, Inkjet glossy photo paper, Inkjet proofing paper, Inkjet canvas, Inkjet silk, Inkjet transfer paper for T-shirts, Inkjet tattoo pasters, Inkjet CD stickers, Inkjet name card paper, Prism interferometers, Corner cube prism
No. 342, Haiwang Road, Jiaonan City, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. China
Special paper including kraft liner paperboard, Kraft paper, Manifold paper, Kraft liner, Crepe paper and tissue paper
No.5080 Science & Technology City, Shanghai Road, Duty-free Section
86-532-86888112- 802
Office paper, Tissue paper, Printing paper, Packing paper
4799 Lane, Jiasong Zhong Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai City. China
All kinds of paper
International Trade Mansion, 50 Zhonghua Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. China
86-25-52258332, 52251172
Paper, Such as A4 photocopy paper, Acidfree tissue paper, Glassine paper, And ribbed kraft paper
88, Street 3, Industrial Estate, Jinxiang Town, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province. China
86-577-64578520, 68100800
Adhesive products
Flat / Rm 618, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, , Hong Kong
Stone Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Bags, Paper, Sanitary, Sofa
office care
6-2-938 / 939, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
15 CRT Monitor
dankep and sea
Buying Office
Rabin 84, Givatayem, Israel
No. 18, Huitai Road, Huitai Industrial Park
86-752-2606006 2612492
Different types of laminating film, OHP transparency film, Photo paper, Large format inkjet paper for advertising usage
14 Robinson Road# 13-00, Singapore
Paper Converting Machine
2168 Pudong North Road, Shanghai City. China
A505-508, 145 Zhengtong Road, Zibo Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province. China
86-533-6280031 6216259
Notebooks, Exercise books, Spiral books, Writing pads, Filler paper, Files, Diaries, Invoice books, Envelopes and paper
No.2704,Huafeng Mansion,Xinzhou Square,Xinzhou Road, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. China
RC glossy, Silky waterproof photo papers microporous), Cast coated glossy photo papers
Wujiashan Economic Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. China
Exercise books, Spiral notebooks, Refill paper, Hard cover notebooks, Writing pads, Glue-binding notebooks, Photocopy paper
Xingye Road, South Lake Economic Park (Second Phase), Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. China
Cash register paper, Fax paper, Foil lam board cover, Wrapping paper, Marker paper, Drawing paper, Copy paper and printing paper
7th Floorcolorway Building, 263 Jianning Road,Nanjing, China
RC photo paper, A3, A6 and 4R
1/F,2 Rixin Road,Xinglin,Jimei District Xiamen,Fujian,China
Material color label printing, Color boxes, Leaflets, Instruction manuals, Catalogs, Hangtags, Handbags, Bar code labels, Computer punched self-adhesive labels
Room 401, Building 25, 6 Zhanlanguan Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province. China
Carbonless paper, Duplex board, Ivory board, Aluminum laminated card, Self- adhesive paper, Notebooks, Diaries, Memo pads, Exercise books, Gift pens, Pen kits, Business card kits
Shenzhen EzOffice Equipment Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
No. 7, Tangkou Industrial Zone, Tianliao, Gongming Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. China
Office equipment, Such as laminators, Paper shredders, Thermal binders, Rotary trimmers, Guillotines, Comb binding machines, Pouches, And binding covers
Shandong Omeica Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Room 1803, Hengchang building, No. 288, Jingsi Road
Paper and paper products, Paper pulp import, Papermaking machines
Room A507, No. 1555, Kongjiang Road, Shanghai City. China
Ink cartridges, Toner cartridges, Photo paper, Fax film, Ink
jinzhuang sishui county
Carbonless paper, Duplex board, Playing card, Thermal paper, Art board, Offset paper, Photocopy paper, Coated paper, Wood free paper
Jiaxing Fengcheng Hardware Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Xingfeng Industrial Park, Jiaxing ,Zhejiang ,China
Fasteners and hardware, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Jacks, Aluminium foil cover lids, Dinner box cover
Meanlane (Foshan) Imaging Material Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
No.161,163,Genghe Avenue,Genghe Town
Advertising Inkjet media, Imaging protection, Matboards
Zhansi Road, Wuzhi County, He'nan Province, China
Thermal paper, POS paper, Continuous computer forms, Carbonless copy paper
No. 23, Huanggushan Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China
Office paper, Printing paper, Thermal fax paper, Cash register paper, POS and ATM paper, Multi-ply POS paper, Computer printing paper, Paper rolls
2d, Level 2, Huiye Building, No. 2 Jianye First Road, Jida, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. China
Compatible ink cartridges, Remanufactured laser toner cartridges, Ink refills, Ink and toner refill kits, Continuous ink supply systems, Photo paper, Glossy, Semi-glossy, Matte photo paper, Ribbon, USB flash drives, Floppy disk drives
Fucheng Road, Fumin Development Zone, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. China
Thermal papers; paper used on POS machines, Which include thermal POS papers, Common POS papers, Double-ply and multi-ply POS papers; fax papers, Copy papers, And printing papers
Ourway Image Co., Ltd.
15/f,No.125 Renmin East Road, Xang Zhou, Zhuhai City, Guang Dong Province. China
Ink cartridge, Photo paper, Toner cartridge, Inkjet cartridge, CISS
Wanli Road, Yuanhe Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. China
Cash register paper, ATM paper, Fax paper, Computer paper, Printing paper and medical records paper
Shantou Daxue Road, Rongsheng Science and Technology Zone, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. China
Photo paper, Self-adhesive products, Forgery-prevented packing materials, Water-transfer printed paper, T-shirt transfer paper
Jinlan Paper Co., Ltd.
Room 507, Qiaomao Building, Longgang Avenue, Longgang Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China
Glossy photo paper, Resin coated RC) photo paper, Self-adhesive photo paper, Color inkjet paper, Name card paper, Printing paper and manifold paper
3/F, Block A17, Qinghu Industrial Park,Silicon Valley Power,Longhua Town,Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province.China
SMT products and transformers
8-7,East City Center,96# Baizhang East Road,Jiangdong District
Bus cover, Self adhesive vinyl, Solvent media, Mesh, One way vision, Blockout, Banner fabric, Blue back paper, Tarpaulin, Display system, Inkjet media, Photo paper
Ming Lieh Enterprise Sdn Bhd
58-1, Jalan Pesta 1/2, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail(1), ; Muar, Johor, Malaysia
60 6 9530188
305 West Broadway Suite 178, ; NEW YORK, New York, United States
1 646 358-6442
Toners, Cartridges, Pens, Paper
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